Percorso RENZO

We will introduce you to the most beautiful and evocative locations on the eastern shore of Lake Como, Valsassina and lower Valtellina, allowing you to fully enjoy the magnificence of our lake and the grandeur of our mountains.


L’antico mulino

Starting from Varenna we will take you to Vezio the ancient mill, a building dating back to the sixteenth century which, exploiting the waters of the Esino stream, was used until the second half of 1900 for the production of flours, especially buckwheat and chestnuts from part of the inhabitants of Perledo.

Remains of

In the vicinity of this ancient mill, the remains of the Lariosaurus, an aquatic reptile that lived in the Middle Triassic, ie about 237-235 million years ago, were found around 1830. Then continue to Bolognina, a fraction of Perledo located at about 500 meters above sea level, which enjoys one of the most beautiful views on the shores of our lake.

A wonderful naturalistic area

The next stop is Esino Lario, a mountain village located at an altitude of about 1000 meters. From Esino Lario continue in the direction of Ortanella, a wonderful naturalistic area. It is the turn of Cainallo, a winter ski resort.

A priceless view

We leave for the Agueglio Pass, where the territories of Perledo and Esino Lario meet again. The view between the lake and the mountains is priceless. The SP65, one of the most beautiful and panoramic roads of Lake Como, leads us to Parlasco, the first town in Valsassina.

A natural gorge

Finally, we arrive at the Orrido di Bellano , a natural gorge where the water of the Pioverna stream flows.

Here we go?

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