Tourist Itineraries


Every Tuesday, we organise a special tour so you can get to know Lake Como and see the most spectacular views.

We will show you the loveliest and most fascinating places on the eastern shore of Lake Como, Valsassina and lower Valtellina, giving you a chance to fully enjoy the magnificance of our lake scenery and the majesty of our mountains.

We can offer a series of different itineraries depending on the weather, always leaving from and returning to the Varenna Esino train station which is just over an hour from Milan Central Station.

Here are a few examples:

Tour 1:

Departing from Varenna we take you to Vezio and the old mill which dates back to the 16th century. Right up until the mid-20th century, it was powered by th rushing water of the Esino stream and produced flour, especially from buckwheat and chestnuts for the local inhabitants of Perledo.

In 1830, it was not far from the Old Mill that the remains of the Lariosaurus were found, an aquatic reptile which lived during the Middle Triassic, some time between 237-235 million years ago. Then we head on up the hill to Bolognina, a hamlet above Perledo at about 500 metres above sea level which enjoys one of the most spectacular views over the shoreline of Lake Como.

On clear days, which are not so rare in these parts, you can make out the shoreline towards Como. The next stage is to Esino Lario, a mountain village situated at an altitude of about 1000 m which was a popular tourist destination in the Post-War period with the middle class from Milan and the Brianza hills.

From Esino Lario we drive on to Ortanella, set in marvellous natural suroundings with trails leading through the beech woods to the Alpe di Lierna mountain pastures.

Next is Cainallo, a winter ski resort, ideal for introducing children to the sport, which in summer is a verdant pasture where you will come across grazing herds of alpine cows and horses. Cainallo is considered the gateway into the Grigna, and a number of trails start from here which lead to the summit of the famous mountain.

We leave again for the Agueglio Pass, crossing the townlands of Esino and Perledo once again. The views of the lake and mountains from here is priceless and there is also a little chapel dedicated to the Alpine Regiment.

The road, the SP65, one of the loveliest and most panoramic drives on Lake Como, leads us to Parlasco, the first town in Valsassina, made famous by Count of Marmoro, Sigfredo Falsandri, the bandit of Valsassina, also known as “Lasco”. The Town Hall of Parlasco had a series of fourteen frescos painted on the walls of houses around to the town in memory of this legendary local character.

Finally we come to the Orrido di Bellano, a natural gorge created by the rushing water of the Pioverna stream.

A packed lunch is provided.

Tour 2:

Departure from Varenna, with a short stop off at the medieval hamlet of Corenno Plinio, since 1927 under the local authority of the larger town of Dervio. Notable for its marvellous 14th century castle built on the ruins of an ancient fortress, there is also a Church dating back to between the 12th and 13th century dedicated to Saint Thomas Becket of Canterbury.

An absolute must is the Abbey of Piona, where the hard work of the Cistercian monks has created a paradise on earth amid olive groves and orchards. The church with its irregular floor plan is dedicated to San Nicolao and was built in the 11th century on the ruins of a previous church dating back to the 7th century.

The tour continues into Valtellina and a 4-hour visit to the Cantine Nera wine cellars which produces excellent wines, in particular the famous “Sfursàt”, aged in oak barrels, with its unmistakeable bouquet. Lunch will be provided during the tour.

Return to Varenna in the afternoon.

Maximum number of participants is 16.